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Altu is an architecture studio founded by the two architects Veerle Van de Walle and Francesca Bonne in 2020. As the studio name fittingly implies [alt-u], their dedicated team introduces alternative and innovative ideas often with a blend of historic architectural references and newfound original creations. Altu applies a broad multidisciplinary approach which allows for projects of various size and duration and in doing so carries out a diverse range of architectural assignments.

Diversification is key for the studio who finds satisfaction and thrill in developing different types of architectural programmes with scenography and stage design also being part of their portfolio. Designing permanent structures as well as temporary adds another layer of intensity and openness to their practice. The studio works in depth on all scales, from complex concepts and floor plans down to petite woodwork detailing, bringing a sense of wholeness and integrity to each project. The level of meticulousness and perfection is manifested in their spatial understanding, technical research, thoughtful and often bold choice of materials. Altu believes in the strength of collaboration and invites specialists like artists and expert craftsmen to develop parts of their projects together, an outlook leading to further ingenuity and poetry.   

Altu is serious and passionate about the architectural experience. The interaction with a space and the senses it evokes are individual yet altu carefully conceives frameworks which are visually engaging, inspiring people to indulge. Their dream is to be able to spend the first 24 hours with friends in their newly finished projects. The architects’ curiosity and vividness are revealed in the way each construction has a distinct identity, translated into the smallest detail. Their enthusiastic explorations do not go unnoticed.

Francesca Bonne & Veerle Van de Walle 
Ángeles Torres Pérez
[Ranko Motomura]

[words by Sisse Bro]


For all inquiries: info[at]
Francesca Bonne: +32 472 64 47 87

Veerle Van de Walle: +32 473 54 82 41

Main office:
Karel Oomsstraat 20,
2018 Antwerp (BE)

Temporary office:
Rijsenbergstraat 232,
9000  Ghent (BE)

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